About Us

Launched in November of 2010, Lanopy is the culmination of more than 50 years of experience servicing the technology needs of its clients.  With offices in the Northeast, the Lanopy footprint reaches south through the Carolinas.   Spanning Industries from Sports and Entertainment to Hospitality, Distribution to Retail, and Law to Healthcare, Lanopy has developed an extensive portfolio of products and services catered to the business needs of these and many other industries.  Our clients are the most recognizable name brands in the region, ranging from 2 PC’s to 55 retail locations. 

We continually strive to identify gaps and opportunities to apply technology to improve profitability, reduce inefficiencies, or improve the user or customer experience.   No two businesses are truly alike.  We draw from a large body of experience and expertise, to apply creative solutions as unique as your company.

Lanopy Networks is proud to say that every customer that we have developed since 2010, is still with us today.  We are always looking for opportunities to help our customers grow thier businesses.  We would like to share our enthusiasm for success with your company.